Where was God?

Depending on the scenario, the relationship you have with God and where your faith level is at, the question “Where was God?” will make its appearance at some level during a grieving period.

Some people will blame all bad situations on God (“It was God’s will”) or even label events as ‘Acts of God’.

Sometimes the answer as to why something happened is too big for us to understand, but I do know this – God is good and His glory will always outshine the storm.

If the enemy attacks us, and we know where we stand in relation to Jesus, you bet that heaven will come and raise you up.

God’s will is not for us to be defeated!  We are in a relationship with Him, and He wants His children to succeed.

So where was God when that crappy thing happened?  He was most likely crying along with you, arms open wide ready to embrace and comfort you.

It’s okay to wonder why something happened when God is bigger than the devil, and some things we’ll never understand until we’re in heaven (or sooner if God reveals it to you).

We live on the same planet as our enemy, and his duty is to steal, kill and destroy (see John 10:10) so you can bet that life won’t be ‘perfect’.  There will always be bumps along the way – some bigger than others, but if we keep our eyes glued to God, then we can be sure to be successful in the long run!