The Newness of Fall

It is officially fall!

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, and the days are getting busier.

Seriously, with a newborn, homeschooling and our extracurricular activities, the weeks are whizzing by like never before.  I had set a goal for myself to write in this blog once a week… I’m embarrassed to be falling behind, but I also know that there’s wisdom in not stressing myself out with extra jobs that aren’t critical to my family’s well-being.  So what is it, you ask, that has been keeping me away from the computer…?

Well, we welcomed our son Tobias into our family almost 2 months ago, and what a great addition he has been!  We have all adjusted well to the change in our family’s dynamic, and he has been well received by his two big brothers (hurray!).  He has already proved himself to be his own person, much different than his brothers.  He’s our big baby (literally… biggest in size), he’s very vocal… awake and asleep (we didn’t even need the bassinet in our room because he’s been moved into his own room on account of his loud sleeping habits), he’s very content (even started smiling in his 3rd week… so early, our smart boy!) and he is so strong.  I can go on and on.  It is so refreshing having a baby in the house again, and I am so proud of everything he does, even if he does wake me up 2-3 times at night (which I know could be a lot worse).

We also began homeschooling our oldest son about a month ago. He is in the first grade so we officially started doing ‘school’.  We did some last year for kindergarten, but that was more fun, whatever stuff.  Now we are doing actual courses, and so far it is going well!  I am seeing so much improvement in his penmanship and other abilities, and it is so rewarding knowing that I had a hand in teaching him these things.  I love being able to see his progression and how far he is already going.  We are new at this homeschooling thing, but so far the future looks bright!

We also started swimming lessons and just some fun extra things, like Story Time at the library, Sunday school, and meeting up with other homeschooling families.  I’ve also began cleaning outside the home once a week again (for some extra income) since Tobias had been born.  All these things sure keep us busy, but in a good way! I am loving this new ‘routine’ that we have!  There’s never a dull moment.

So with all that being said, it is a new season, things are changing and life has gotten busier, but I still plan to make the effort of writing a post once a week.  Please forgive me if a week goes by, or maybe two, or maybe (but hopefully not) even three without a new post, but family is my priority and life with a newborn can make things a bit trickier to predict.  So take my good intentions and pray that I will not only have some wisdom or insights to share with you, but that I will have the time and opportunity to do so!  Thanks for staying with me!

Until next time,