Fall 2017

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, so I figured it was about time I popped in to say hello.

I’ve been thinking of topics to write about, and figured it was time I just wrote about my life – how my family and I are doing and what we’re up to.

I’ll start here… For those who have been interested in reading my book Hope Filled but haven’t had the opportunity yet, I have decided, after some thought and prayer, to extend the E book version to all who are interested in reading it, for FREE.  It can be accessed via Amazon or Lulu.com, so spread the word!  Get it into the hands of those who need it but may not be able to afford to purchase a copy for themselves.  It is for everyone!

Now, for those who have read my book Hope Filled and enjoyed it, I’m pleased to share with you that I’m currently working on my next book!  It will be completely different than Hope Filled; it will be a fiction novel geared toward the young readers out there (9-12 year olds).  I’m really excited because it is about something that I am currently going through, and that is… *drum-roll*… breakthrough!  How many times have we wanted to do something but allowed fear to hold us back?  How many times have we felt fear try to stop us, but yet we pushed through and experienced victory?  That’s what this story will be about.  The lead character has a big dream and big fears to go with it.  Will she allow them to stop her?  Or will she break through and find fulfillment on the other side?

I’m not sure when it will be finished – hopefully within the next few months… so stay tuned!

In the past few months, God has been doing a work in my family and I, and we’re really excited about where we’re going to be in the near future, and what He has planned for us.  In my book, I had mentioned that God’s promises are true.  Remember the part where I wrote that He promised us a daughter?  And remember when we ended up with another son instead of a daughter?  And remember at the end that I mentioned that maybe we would have another baby who would be the daughter He promised us?  We are living in exciting times!  I had always wanted “at least two” kids before ever having any.  Then when I was pregnant with Eliseo I knew I wanted three.  Then when I was pregnant with Tobias I no longer had a clue as to what I wanted.  We are now entering the season of, ‘Yes God… we want FOUR!’ I never would have thought I would have wanted four – that number always seemed pretty big for me, but right now it sounds like the number we are meant to have.  That being said, we are excited to partner with God as we approach the next season, and see how He’ll further bless our family.  Maybe we’ll have the daughter we’ve desired within the next year or two, or maybe God has other plans that will better suit our family.  Like I said, exciting times!

And that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed reading just a little bit about what’s going on over here in my life.  Stay tuned for the next blog post – hopefully it won’t take as long to write as this one had! 🙂

Take care!



6 Responses to Fall 2017

  1. Avatar Henna Anderson
    Henna Anderson says:

    Dearest Leanne.Such a beautiful family you have, so it’s always good to dream…..! Thank you posting this lovely Blog. Looking forward to reading your new book and sharing it with young readers. Maybe with our little Mya in the future, once she grows up! Love and Hugs, Henna

  2. Love this blog, so well done, keep it up….looking forward to the new addition, whenever they arrive.

  3. Avatar Donna Jonsson
    Donna Jonsson says:

    Love you and love your blog, Leanne! So positive and life-giving! God is blessing your talent and family! More babies…yay!!!!

  4. Avatar Paige Buhler
    Paige Buhler says: