Being You

Isn’t it such a liberating feeling knowing that there is no one in the world like you?  You are one of a kind and are purposed to impact this world like no one else can.  You are wonderfully and purposefully made.

I’m reminded of a song that has stuck with me through my childhood years until now, and it was from a cute children’s program called Jungle Jam.  Anyone remember it?  The song was sung by Racket the skunk to Cheetah Bonita, and it went a little something like this…

There’s no one like you

With your special smile

There’s nobody else that has

quite your style

There’s only but one who’s

wearing your face

In all of the world no one

takes your place

There is just one you

Not twenty, not ten, not two

In all of the whole world through

God only made one you

When it comes to you

There’s no duplicates

Although you may have

Your family traits

Your mother’s bright eyes

Your father’s physique

But all put together you are unique

The things that you say

The thoughts that you think

In most every way

You’re very distinct

If one were to search

They never could find

Another like you, you’re one of a kind

(written by J. Miller)

This song is so simple and to the point, and of all the songs this program has to offer, this has been one of my favorites – and now I’m enjoying listening to the series with my own kids 🙂  It is true though, we are all one of a kind and some might see that as a good thing, and others as a negative.  I will go ahead right now and declare this a good thing!  Sure, we may not be as ‘cool’ or ‘smart’ or whatever as someone else, but maybe we’re more creative, or crafty, or whatever!  God has given us each our own talents and skills, passions and desires.  It’s time we see our uniqueness through His eyes and use it to make this world a better place.

I was just looking through my bible last night before going to sleep and came across this verse;


“…let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.”

Romans 12:6, Message Translation


I have always struggled with comparing myself with others and caring what others think; this verse is a great reminder that we are all made different.  We have different giftings, perspectives and purposes.  If we try to be like someone else, the world loses out on the uniqueness that we alone carry.  If we were all the same, God’s purpose for our lives wouldn’t be fulfilled and simply put, life would be boring!

We need to embrace who God made us to be, whether we’re quiet and introverted, or outgoing and ‘fun’,  a teacher, a world traveler, an intercessor, an evangelist, an organized planner, a comedian or an artist, whatever it may be, and all the quirks that come with!

So anyways, I just wanted to pass along a bit of encouragement in shamelessly being who you were made to be!  There is a plan and purpose over your life and the best way to achieve it is by stepping in to who God made you to be and by being obedient to Him.