My Story

My life had been quite uneventful (trauma-wise) and everything seemed to go according to plan, until a few months after Franklin and I were married.

We decided 6 months after our wedding day that we were ready to start a family, and we were blessed to have conceived right away.

This first pregnancy started out pretty smoothly, until 10 weeks along when I started bleeding – the first symptom of my imminent miscarriage (you can read all about this chapter of my life here) It became a dark and hopeless season in my life, which I have learned a lot from (as in… what not to do).

Fast forward a few years and a few healthy children, I was again pregnant for a fourth time!  Everything in this pregnancy was completely healthy.  I had absolutely no complications (aside from some “normal” bleeding in the first trimester); so to discover during my labor that our baby was struggling, leading to a cesarean section and NICU time for our precious baby girl, I was completely shocked!  To discover that she eventually passed away due to all the complications was even more horrifying and unbelievable (read more about this birth story here)

Going through both a miscarriage and infant loss has brought me insights and wisdom that I never expected to have.  With finding peace and hope so early on after losing our little Briela, I have a strong desire to share my experiences in hopes to help others who may be struggling with their losses.

So feel free to browse around the site and find any tidbits that may be helpful to you, and let me know if there was anything that worked for you that I haven’t covered!