My name is Leanne and I’m glad you’ve stopped by at Light Shines Bright 🙂

You’ll find my story throughout this blog, and will likely notice a theme in every area that I cover – and that is the light that shines through me, God! He is the source of hope that I have found with each chapter of my life.

The reason I created this blog is to *hopefully* bring hope to those who have gone through pregnancy/infant loss.
I have learned so much through my own journey (still am!) that I would love to pass on to those who may need some encouragement.  This is simply my perspective on overcoming grief after a loss – I understand everyone grieves differently and may not agree with my view, and that’s okay!

The combination of God and supportive people surrounding me have been the biggest reasons I have received fullness of healing after losing my daughter, but I will share what I have learned through my journey to inspire hope to those who need it.

You will also witness other areas of my life being documented, including the arrival of our rainbow babies, life with them, and life as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. Enjoy your visit!



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